Sandy beaches for fun in the sun!

Brilliantly blue waters combined with sandy beaches are what call park visitors to play, fish, boat, and camp here at Bear Lake State Park.
Location: 940 North Bear Lake Boulevard, Garden City, Utah 84028
Phone: (435) 946-3343
Toll Free: (800) 322-3770

You must make a reservation to go to this beach as of 2022. Go to their website to make the reservation.** Swimmers will enjoy two-mile-long North Beach on the north end of the lake. The gradual slope of the lake bottom provides an enormous swimming area. Ramps are available for boaters and water skiers who want to enjoy the water, too.
Location: 3890 N Beach Rd, St. Charles Idaho 83272
Phone: (208) 945-2325
Toll Free: (888) 922-6743

Marina, ramp, beach, and on-the-water rentals including boats, waverunners, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and water tramp.

Location: 2910 S. Bear Lake Blvd., Garden City, Utah 84028
Phone: (435) 946-2910

Brilliant blue water and sandy beaches. On the southwest curve of Bear Lake – Approximately 2 miles northwest from Laketown on SR 30 from the Cisco Road and SR 30 junction.

Location: 1220 North Bear Lake Boulevard (UT State Road 30) Laketown, Utah 84038
Phone: (435)946-3343